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What’s New !

TGI Fridays known for its innovation in food and beverages has come up with a wide range of drinks offerings. People can come and enjoy some of the finest creations in the art of drinks from a wide range of cocktails.

The new cocktails introduced are a result of our constant effort to showcase something innovative. The drinks consist of Ultimate Spicy Rita, which has bold and spicy flavors. Ultimate Cosmo Rita, a perfect blend of flavors. Ultimate Electric Long Island Iced Tea, known for its potent and electric taste. Coconut Mojito, milky and tropical drink that is perfect for a summer afternoon. Jack Daniels Chocolate Shake, a sinful chocolate drink with ice cream. The other drinks includes One two rum punch, Lemon Flower Drop, Mudslide and Bull Meister.

Come to TGI Fridays to enjoy some of the finest new cocktails that you would not regret trying once. These new items are available all across TGI Fridays in India. Prices may vary across all the stores.